Cannabis Fencing

Security Fencing for Cannabis Farms

Hemp and Cannabis farms are becoming an increasingly important part of the Canadian economy.

Unfortunately, with this new market for cannabis farms, there comes the need for more surety on the farms. While the Canadian government is legalizing marijuana, there is still a lucrative black market and criminals and thieves may target legal cannabis farms.

Cannabis farm security starts with a well-built security fence and gating to help make sure that any would-be thieves cannot even get to the crops. Johnston Fence Contracting can build and install a complete security fence to protect your cannabis crops. We can help to:

  • Stop unauthorized entry either over or under the fence
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle movements
  • Protect visitors from accidental exposure to farm hazards
  • Prevent wild animals from damaging crops or infrastructure

Our cannabis farm fencing solutions can help you protect your investment and will save you money in the long run.