When it comes to the installation of your fences and gates, let the professionals at Johnston Fence Contracting help you! Whether you have a large project or a small yard installation, JFC knows the best way to give you the design you dream about, with the a cost efficient application. Our installation crews are professionals and take care to give you the fence you desire.


You’ve bought a new property that you love, except the old dated worn out fence. Most old fences have post deep in the ground that need to be dug up. Metal fences are dangerous because of deep cuts, scratches with rusty metal can lead to injury. Wearing the right protective clothing and having the right tools is important when taking down an old fence.

Removal considerations:

  • Is it truly on your property?
  • What flora and fauna are contained by the fence?
  • How and where do you dispose of the fence and at what cost?

We will take care or your removal and inform you of things to consider before hand.

Temporary Fence Rental

We know how to work closely with our customers to effectively secure and protect any construction job site, special event, work area, disaster relief zone, or other restricted area from public access.

Whether you want to rent a fence with posts pounded into the ground or fences with stands, our fencing products are stable yet temporary. From product selection all the way through temporary fence installation and removal, we will work closely with you to ensure that your portable fencing needs are met.

Our capable team can assist you with selecting the optimal temporary fence solution from a wide variety of competitively priced temporary fencing products.

We will deliver, install and remove according to your schedule to ensure you get exactly what you need, where and when you need it.

  • Events
  • Construction
  • Garden Centers
  • Fuel Enclosures
  • Animal Pens
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