Chain Link Fencing

Why choose chain link fencing for your residential property?


Our residential chain link is installed with galvanized posts and wire mesh that has a coating of polyvinyl for ultimate strength and corrosion resistance. Black coated chain link fence is the most popular residential colour; blends beautifully with the environment of the property also is available in green and brown colours and 3′, 42″, 4′, 5′ and 6′ heights. A fence that can endure our Ontario winters is a smart decision!


Chain link is a great option for uneven terrain and sloping grounds to give a slick look that other styles of fencing can not produce. Chain link perfectly follows the slope of the ground without any awkward gapping at the bottom.

Residential Chain Link Fence Installations Are Easy to Maintain:

Chain link fence could not be easier, maintenance it is virtually non-existent. The only upkeep required is the occasional hose down and to prevent grass and trees from growing through the fence.  That’s it!

Easy to Repair:

If your fence suffers any kind of damage you can easily replace the necessary sections without having to replace the whole fence. The new section can easily be woven into the fence’s pattern and will not disrupt the design.

Low Cost:

A chain link fence cost is much lower than other fences because it is made with lower cost materials. Installation of a chain link fence is also faster and easier than any other style, so the labour cost is more efficient as well.