Does fencing increase my property value?

Adding a fence to your property creates numerous benefits. Any improvement of appearance, security, privacy, and safety of your property can increase the overall value.

How long will a fence last?

A well built and properly maintained fence can last over 15 years.

Will I need a survey?

It is always wise to examine a survey plan as part of your research and due diligence process. Only a survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor can show you exactly where your property boundaries are located.

Do I need a permit?

A permit is not usually required. However, certain conditions may apply if you are building a swimming pool enclosure.

What is the maximum height a fence can be?

Each city has its own fence by-law that you must obey. Be aware that corner lots have more restrictions.

Do I have to get my neighbor to approve my fence?

You and the neighbor should identify your property line to ensure the fence is going on your property. Use the survey of the property that you obtained when you purchased your house. If neither of these are possible, you will need to obtain a survey.

Can I put a fence on the property line?

Only if there is a written and signed agreement between neighbors.

Is my neighbor obligated to pay for half of my fence?

If you are building within your property line, the neighbor is not obligated.

What is the Line Fences Act?

The Line Fences Act is one of Ontario’s most historic pieces of legislation that provides a local method of arbitrating fencing disputes between neighbouring property owners.

The Act applies where one owner wants to construct, repair or maintain a fence on a property boundary line, but is unable to reach agreement with the other owner on the type of fence to be erected, the sharing of the costs of the fence, or both of these issues.

Can you build a fence in the winter?

You can build a fence any time of the year!