Commercial Security Gates

security fencing & gates

Security systems may help to prevent intruders from betting into a building, a well-built security fence will stop them before they even get on the property. Johnston Fence Contracting can construct and install high quality security fencing to help protect your property and your building.  We offer a wide range of security fences and security gates to choose from.

Our Security fences can help protect:

  • Solar farms
  • Office buildings
  • Cell phone towers
  • Radio towers
  • Power plants

A security fence is an investment that can save your business thousands of dollars. Replacing stolen goods or fixing something that was vandalized costs time and money – so it makes sense to have a security fence installed to protect your property.


We have a full range of fencing to choose from, including chain link fence, bollard or security fences in Ontario. We also offer a free evaluation to help you determine the best security solution for your specific needs. We have a fast response policy to make sure that we are answering your calls right away and taking care of issue or concern that you may have. Give us a call at 705-325-9284 today, and let us take care of installing your security fence.