Wildlife Fencing

Livestock Fence Installation for Wildlife

High tensile fixed knot wildlife fence is manufactured with 12-1/2 ga. Class 3 galvanized wire, which provides three times the strength of conventional wire. It is available a variety of heights such as 42″, 49″, 5′, 6′ and 8′ heights for different types of wildlife.

The combination of strength and durability assures a product that provides the ultimate performance for animal containment.

These protection fences are commonly used for exotic animals, such as alpacas, but also for deer who have the ability to jump over tall obstacles.

When pressured, deer often go right through high tensile fences so height is not necessarily the only requirement; the fence also needs to be very tight. We recommend woven wire wildlife fence as the optimal choice for fencing out deer.

Wildlife mesh can also be used for cattle, horses, dogs, etc. This fence ensures that valuable herds are protected both inside and out.

It is imperative for wildlife perimeter fences to be installed by experienced fence professionals, as there are many variables involved.

The tension needs to be just right and the posts must be very secure to absorb sudden pressure. Johnston Fence Contracting has industrial mesh stretchers that guarantee the tension is just right.