Sheep & Goat Fencing

Livestock Fence Installation for Sheep & Goat

Sheep and goat fence comes in a variety of gauges and openings. The most common are 2″x4″ and 4” x 4.” Mesh opening spacing prevents small animals or predators from getting into the pen or fenced area and prevent sheep or stubborn goats from stepping through the fence.

Goats are very curious and are known to escape from properties quite often. Goats will sometimes get their head stuck in a fence with large squares and their horns prevent them from backing out . This is why 2″x4″ is an excellent choice when you are raising goats and other small animals.

Welded wire fencing is not quite as strong as its woven wire counterpart, so it is best used with animals who will not lean or stand on the fence.

It is a great option for a chicken run or garden fence, and can also be used as a guard to protect trees from deer or livestock. The durability of this mesh will definitely hold up to sheep and goats without hurting them.