Horse Fence

Livestock Fence Installation for Horses

Polyrope Fence:

A poly coat fence is a highly visible white color that will prevent horses from running into it.

The smooth wire is flexible so it will give when a horse leans up against the fence and this decreases the chance of injury to the animal.

There are no sharp edges or splintering on a poly coat horse fence so cutting injuries are significantly reduced. If desired, A polyrope fence is ideal for horses and can be electrified with a CenFlex vinyl top rail consisting of hi-tensile wire.

Non-climb Horse Fence:

This closely woven 2″ x 4″ vertical mesh has been designed to prevent horses, or any hoofed animal (cows and sheep too) from stepping through or walking down the fence.

Board Fence:

An attractive and effective way to keep your horses on your property is to install a ranch style fence, a popular option not only to keep horses on your property, but to enhance the look and value of your home.

A 3 or 4 board fence is commonly used for horses. Post spacing is generally 10-16′ apart and boards can be hardwood such as white oak or pressure treated.

These products can be stained or painted. We also offer high-quality vinyl ranch style fence which is virtually a maintenance fee option, it cost more but will last a lifetime with little upkeep.