Cattle Fence

There are many different options for cattle. Wire fence, Barbed wire, smooth wire, high tensile wire, woven wire or paige wire, electric fence.

Horse Fence

Polyrope Fence: A polyrope fence is ideal for horses and can be electrified with a CenFlex vinyl top rail consisting of hi-tensile wire.

Non-climb Horse Fence: This closely woven 2″ x 4″ vertical mesh has been designed to prevent horses, cows, sheep or any hoofed animal from stepping through or walking down the fence.

Board Fence: A 3 or 4 board fence is commonly used for horses. Post spacing is generally 8′ apart and boards are usually hardwood such as white oak or pressure treated. These products can be stained or painted.

Dog Kennels

Johnston Fence Contracting is excited to offer an easy to assemble outdoor dog kennels or runs. We also have knowledge and expereince with indoor dog boarding facilities. Weather you are a private home owner or in the boarding business we can help.

Sheep & Goat

The product used for sheep and goat is a fixed knot wire mesh. The mesh spacing prevents small animals or predators from getting into pen or fenced area and the sheep or stubborn goats from stepping through the fence. The durability of this mesh will hold up to goats/sheep trying to push through it without hurting them. This product offers secure protections.

Wildlife & Livestock

High tensile fixed knot livestock and wildlife fence that is manufactured with 12-1/2 ga. Class 3 galvanized wire. The combination of strength and durability assures a product that provides the ultimate performance for animal containment. It is most commonly used for exotic animals, elk, deer, cattle, horses, dogs, etc. This fence insures that valuable herds are protected both inside and out. Products are available in 42″, 49″, 5′, 6′ and 8′ heights.